Thursday, September 26, 2019

Booking Availability

Autumn is my favorite season and there's so much that keeps me busy... but I do have some dates available for booking a session! Here's what's open currently. As they become booked I will update them as soon as possible:

Tue Oct 3 after 5:30pm
Sun Oct 6 between noon and 4pm
Sun Oct 13 after 6:30pm
Sat Oct 19 at Vortex Omaha
Tue Oct 29 after 5:30pm - booked
Sun Oct 20 between 12pm-3pm
Sun Oct 27 after 6:30pm
Tue Nov 12 after 5:30pm
Thu Nov 14 after 5:30pm
Sat Nov 16 at Vortex Omaha

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

"Why do I have to pay a deposit?"

Why do I have to pay a deposit? You "professionals" are a bunch of scammers.

I understand, especially in the past few years, that it's been easy for people to pop up online posing as Mistresses, ProDoms, and Dominatrixes, and bilking unwitting subs for money--with no intention of delivering a session.

So I'd like to explain why I require a non-refundable deposit early in our negotiations for a play session.

By the time someone books a date & time with me, I have usually spent a couple of hours in communication with that person, answering questions, explaining what to expect, clarifying the person's interests and limits, and looking at possible dates; and I begin to make preparations and plans. The reason I ask for a non-refundable deposit is as follows:

  • The deposit is a type of earnest money, to show you are serious about booking.
  • The deposit is non-refundable because if you cancel, I don't get my prep time back.
  • I set aside whatever personal or social plans I may have otherwise made, to hold the time you booked.
So, how can you be sure you aren't getting scammed?
  • Does the person have a website? Does it explain what the person does and doesn't do? Does it lay out policies and information clearly? Does it appear to have been updated in recent months or does it look like it's a relic from the early 2000s?
  • If the person is on FetLife or another social network, is there a complete profile?
  • Are photos somewhat recent -- at least within the past year?
  • Look through the person's feed. Does the person interact on FetLife or the social media site, or is the account mainly being used to post the same ad over and over in different groups?
  • Is the person willing to provide references--people who have either been clients and have agreed to be contacted, OR people who know the person within the local face-to-face kink community where they attend events together?

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Manicure & pedicure. Would you like to treat my feet?

Yikes, time to set up an appointment for a manicure & pedicure! I've been taking care of family obligations for the past couple of weeks and I haven't had a lot of "Me" time.

If you were here, I'd have you do it in person: Remove the polish from each of my toes. Gently soak my feet and massage them, using a pumice stone to smooth away the roughness... push the cuticles back carefully... pat them dry with a fluffy towel... apply the polish so carefully... and "finish me" with a devoted foot and leg massage.

But since you're not, why not treat me? I really need to have it done soon, and since you just aren't here, I'll have to go to the salon. Why not pay for my mani/pedi? You can take care of that here (mani/pedi is $60 + tip): ... and I'll send you photos & a video clip of it!

Saturday, August 17, 2019

So text me maybe...

Taking some time away from Lincoln & Omaha's in-person events for a few weeks due to family obligations. However, I'm still reachable... Would you like to text with me? Jump over here and see all the details.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Coffee with Mistress

I had the nicest coffee date this morning with someone from the area. We talked and talked and got so engaged that I'm happy to say we ran past our "scheduled" time enjoying each others' company. She was surprised to learn that there's a Dominatrix in the area! ;-)

By the way, here are my next available openings:

Tuesday, August 6, after 6pm - booked
Thursday, August 8, after 6pm
Friday, August 9, after 7pm at Pain on the Plains in Omaha
Saturday, August 10, after 7pm at Pain on the Plains in Omaha
Saturday, August 17, at Vortex Omaha

Monday, July 22, 2019

Appointment Openings

Mistress is busy! Here are my next openings:

Friday night, July 26, after 6pm - booked
Saturday, July 27, noon to 10pm - booked
Saturday, August 3, after 2pm
Sunday, August 4, available for a 1-hour coffee date - booked
Tuesday, August 6, after 6pm - booked
Thursday, August 8, after 6pm
Friday, August 9, after 7pm at Pain on the Plains in Omaha
Saturday, August 10, after 7pm at Pain on the Plains in Omaha
Saturday, August 17, at Vortex Omaha

Browse through the navigation links (if you are on mobile, the navigation is at the BOTTOM of the feed, on a pull-down menu) to see rates, activities, and more... then get in touch to make a booking inquiry!

Monday, July 8, 2019

CONvergence 2019 wrap-up & on to Des Moines!

What a great weekend at CONvergence 2019. Some of my favorite things from the weekend included hanging out in the newly expanded Space Lounge, a trip to Sushi Train, and attending panels on sex work, as well as sex/gender in horror.  Attendance for the weekend came in around 5800 fans. Now, onward to Des Moines this weekend (July 12-14), where I will be taking private appointments on Friday night and Saturday, and attending the dungeon at Vortex on Saturday night! If you're not ready for a session but want to meet a mistress, we can have coffee on Sunday morning. There's still time if you're looking to book but don't wait, get in touch and put your deposit in right away! Email me: