Sunday, April 2, 2017

10 Reasons to attend local in-person events

Bare-bottom submissive bound on a workhorse

  1. More satisfying than just fiddling around on the computer wondering what this is like in real life. (Don't dream it... be it!)
  2. Meet people who know how to do stuff (and can show you).
  3. Safety in numbers!
  4. Good conversations.
  5. It's fun to watch demos and dungeon play.
  6. Body positivity. You will see all types of human beings in various states of dress & undress.
  7. Look at all the furniture you wish you had in your house!
  8. Holy crap, that's a fantastic flogger/singletail/violet wand.
  9. Dangerous people and BS artists usually don't last long.
  10. Networking--you just might connect with someone.

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