Saturday, April 8, 2017

Do you have a panty/lingerie fetish?

I'm frequently asked on FetLife what it is about crossdressers that I enjoy. I think many may be hoping I will say something like, "I love the shape of man's ass when he's wearing high heels," or "I love putting them in their place."

Because we're raised with so many images connecting lingerie, stockings, heels, etc. with women in a highly sexual way, that's an exciting image to many men and women alike. I do, in fact, find the clothing and shoes and accouterments sexy in and of themselves.

But all together, my attraction to crossdressers is more than just the clothes. It's the psychology of it all. I find that a man who is willing to put on lingerie, stockings, heels, makeup, etc. in the bedroom is usually exposing a lot of vulnerability. THAT turns me on. He is sharing with me something that is very intimate and exposing a side of himself that requires a lot of trust. A man who dresses en femme is taking a risk. [FetLife users can read more here.]

I'll be presenting a small talk & demo on crossdressing at Vortex Omaha on Saturday, April 15th. If you are curious about crossdressing or if you are interested in a session but want to meet me first, this would be a great way to do that. If you'd like to book your own private crossdressing session with me, follow the links to learn more about me, review my rates, and make an inquiry.

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