Thursday, April 13, 2017

Time and devotion

How may I serve you, Mistress?
I would do anything for you!
I'd love to serve in any way you see fit, Ma'am.

These are variations on messages I receive frequently on FetLife.

Why, yes. Yes, you can serve me. You're aware that service means doing something for me - for my own personal pleasure?

One of the acts of devotion that I may ask for (especially if you're long-distance) is a gift card. I know you work hard for your money and you might be hesitant to part with a little bit of it, particularly if you've never been with a Pro Domme before. But think of it this way:

You exchange time and talent for your paycheck.


That paycheck represents an exchange of your time, talent, and skills.

So really when you're spending money on something, it simply means is that you've given up some of your time for it. That's all. It's just a few hours of your time, as an act of devotion.

Now think, isn't that a genuinely sweet and nice thought, that you would give up some of your time in order to give something that really pleases me? I think it's really lovely. Send me an amazon eGift card! There are a few items that I'd like to buy for my kinky trousseau and you can be the one to help... and I'd be more than happy to post photos and thank you, my sweet. <3 Or how about gifting me a supporting membership on FetLife? Or paying for a manicure (ask me how)?



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