Sunday, March 24, 2019

There's no safeword for a broken leg

Oblique Distal Fibular Fracture:
a medical model of my broken leg
Hello my darlings, I have broken my leg! You may know that I fell in February and broke my arm, but I fell again and this time I broke my right leg. You can read the whole story here on my FetLife journal entry.

For this reason, I'm not currently booking face-to-face sessions but am looking into a reliable way to to do camming, phone, and chat sessions. Wish me the best in my recovery, dolls, and if you'd like to contribute to my recovery fund for the many medical expenses I've accrued (2 ambulance rides, hospitalization, radiology, orthopedic appointments, travel expenses) you can send money via kofi:

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  1. Sending kisses and pinches to Caledonian-Grey for hitting up my Ko-Fi account with a very thoughtful donation. <3 <3 <3