Monday, April 1, 2019

Done with surgery!

Hello lovelies! I had super-domly surgery this morning to place two plates and 6 screws in my leg, because I'm so punk/goth/cyborg that I really got into a role-play interrogation scene and kicked someone in high-heeled boots to repair a bad non-kink related break I suffered 10 days ago in my kitchen when I slipped on tile. (If you're medically curious, there's a stock diagram of a typical repair of this type here at alamy.)

I will still be traveling to Des Moines May 3-5, but am only taking coffee dates (first time meet-ups) and makeup sessions due to temporarily limited mobility. Would love to see you!

If you would like to feel good about yourself, you can contribute to my recovery fund! I'm accepting "coffee" donations at ko-fi here: Be assured that it will genuinely help offset medical & recovery expenses and you'll feel good aiding a member of the BDSM community. 


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