Saturday, May 11, 2019

New: TextMistress

Sometimes you'll get photos of my cat.
If you haven't seen already, or heard on FetLife, I have recently agreed to start TextMistressing. ("What's that?" you ask? More in a minute.)

You already know I'm active in my local community. And I take a limited number of pro appointments. But I've had so many requests on FetLife to do webcam and long-distance. For years, I've said that's just not how I operate. Face-to-face only. I need to be able to see, touch, hear, and sense what's happening with my sub.

And then I got to thinking, after a couple of long conversations: there are people who are curious about subbing but are genuinely having a hard time finding a dominant in their area. (And that can be especially true for those who crossdress or use the "sissy" label, or are gender non-conforming.) I always encourage people to get active in their local community. I think it's the best way to learn and grow, and helpful in finding real-life partner. But I recognize there are parts of the country (and world) that are rural or extremely conservative just don't have much in the way of organized munches and play parties within a reasonable driving distance; or people that have legit circumstances that keep them from getting more involved, like a 2nd or 3rd shift job, limited mobility, and the like.

So I'm rolling out my availability for a limited number of subs looking for a TextMistress. (I don't want so many textsubs that I'm not able to be genuine in keeping up.)

Those who apply and are accepted will have access (permission) to text me, with occasional photos from my real life (not nudes) at my discretion. Think of this as a long-distance service arrangement. (To be clear: this is not sexting, and it's not an "insta-Dominatrix" service.) Sometimes we'll just chat and it will be casual. Sometimes I'll have an assignment, tasks, and guidance for you. Your real-life limits will be respected. There's a one-time access fee of $50, plus $100 per month. You can expect that we'll text on and off through the day almost every day unless either of us have circumstances.

More information here: . To apply, email me at and let me know more about you. Extra consideration will be given to those who answer the questions found here.

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