Monday, May 6, 2019

The week in review

What a wonderful week and weekend it has been. Two sissy makeovers and a fantastic time at DemiCon in Des Moines.

Friday night, I led a two-hour introductory panel on BDSM, followed by an hour of socializing and letting people handle and ask about some of the toys that I brought. Met some really fine folx from the DM community, as well as some curious newcomers who are looking for help in entering the lifestyle. It was standing room only! Afterwords, I was approached and asked to host additional BDSM panels for next year... so as I was driving home on Sunday, I brainstormed about eight potential topics. Gosh, we could make a whole weekend of adult-track programming next year...

Probably the highlight of the weekend, though, was being someone's "first time" dressing up. She wrote in her FL profile,
The most pressing emotion I have right now is just how lucky I am. Like many CDs, I didn’t used to think I was lucky, as my sexuality seems so out of place for the world we live in. But, many CDs never have what I had. A chance to be with someone who knew exactly what to say, how to help a person like me find their place and overcome their anxiety, letting [my inner girl] come out. I know that she provides that to other CDs in the area, and I am so glad for them too. I wish there was a SoftSandalwood for every CD out there like me.
It takes a lot of vulnerability and courage to let your inner submissive out in front of someone else, and I'm deeply touched that she wrote so eloquently about the experience.

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