Monday, May 27, 2019

Travel recap

Getting real hot in Kearney today.
Oh my! I know a lot of people dread traveling for their work, but I love it. Had a wonderful day in Kearney, NE, with my beautiful assistant, Sissy Erica. I put an eager and very obedient slave into gagged bondage. The ropes went on just as a huge thunderstorm rolled into the area, so our play session was literally punctuated by rolling thunder and flashes of lightning. Sissy Erica was the consummate assistant, taking photos (on the client's own device, of course) so the lucky slave had dozens of photos of the experience to cherish and remember when we were all done. Doesn't that sound wonderful? It could be you... you know how to get in touch.

Yes, I think travel might become a regular thing for me. Looking at you, Des Moines & Sioux City!

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