Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Manicure & pedicure. Would you like to treat my feet?

Yikes, time to set up an appointment for a manicure & pedicure! I've been taking care of family obligations for the past couple of weeks and I haven't had a lot of "Me" time.

If you were here, I'd have you do it in person: Remove the polish from each of my toes. Gently soak my feet and massage them, using a pumice stone to smooth away the roughness... push the cuticles back carefully... pat them dry with a fluffy towel... apply the polish so carefully... and "finish me" with a devoted foot and leg massage.

But since you're not, why not treat me? I really need to have it done soon, and since you just aren't here, I'll have to go to the salon. Why not pay for my mani/pedi? You can take care of that here (mani/pedi is $60 + tip): https://ko-fi.com/sandalwood ... and I'll send you photos & a video clip of it!

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