Sunday, September 13, 2020

Where to find me online

Since I'm not taking sessions nor attending in-person events due to public health considerations, where can you currently find me online?

FetLife: More than any other place online, FetLife has become a home to me in the past 10 years. I post photos, status updates, blog posts; and I own and/or moderate a number of groups there, including several discussion groups for crossdressers+ (Femdom and the Girlie Boy, Heartland Crossing, THE SISSY ROOM, The Sissy Spot), as well as classifieds groups (Midwest Kinky Classifieds, Cross Dressing Personal Ads, Sissy Personals). It's also where I like to find local & regional events to attend, and I can't wait to start going back when our region is consistently "in the green" with public health!

OnlyFans: Here you will find some exclusive content that I don't post anywhere else. It's free to subscribe to my profile. and I post free content regularly as well as hosting free livestreams, while also providing some premium content for reasonable a la carte pricing. OnlyFans does ask you for a valid credit card as a shortcut to check whether you're 18 or older; however, you don't pay for anything unless you choose to. OnlyFans has some strict limits for certain keywords that are prohibited in messages; you can see some of them here. For this reason, I may suggest we move private chat to Discord. 

NiteFlirt: Even though this is known as a phone sex site, there are a number of us who use it for consultations or old-fashioned domination activities in a way that many phone sex operators don't. True story: someone contacted me on FetLife and asked if I could please, pretty please, get a NiteFlirt account because he has difficulty reading and typing, and he really wanted phone consultation, and was so sweetly persistent about it that I finally signed up. I take phone consultations on NiteFlirt for $1.99 per minute, mostly by pre-appointment; as well as texting ($0.99 per "volley" - that is, you message and I message back). NiteFlirt, like OnlyFans, has some strict limits in place and certain topics are not allowed, such as age play or AB/DL (see the complete list here) so this is why I may suggest we work out an arrangement for private chat or voice calls via Discord or Zoom. 

Ko-fi: I love coffee in a very serious way. Ko-fi ("coffee") is a site where, for the price of a cup of coffee ($3) you can support creators and people whose work you enjoy or value. Most of us would happily buy a $3 coffee (or more) for someone we like or admire. Because of its simple interface, this is the website I may send you to when we have worked out a video or chat session rate.

Twitter: Twitter is just a fun spot to catch the latest headlines almost instantly and see what others with similar interests are up to. 

Instagram: I'm just starting to build my Instagram following since I got shadowbanned almost immediately for some reason I don't fully understand - probably for naughty tag use - as none of my photos were explicit. Oh well! I appear to be back for now at least and am keeping my photos somewhat mild but I love to post casual shots from my everyday life and see what others are up to ;-)

Discord: This is where I take private texting/chat, especially those chats that might not be appropriate for OnlyFans or NiteFlirt. My username there is SoftSandalwood#4535

Zoom: I do have a private Zoom link for those who want one-on-one voice chats that aren't appropriate for NiteFlirt, or video chats. 

MeWe: This is a site that touts itself as a pro-privacy alternative to Facebook. I have a profile there and am weighing starting a BDSM discussion group, as most of the kink groups there are small and focus heavily on keeping a running (random) chat stream going rather than facilitating discussion.

What platforms are you using and what do you like/dislike about them?

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