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Due to the risks associated with Coronavirus, I am not currently accepting in-person clients. I can't wait to get back to face-to-face sessions and hope our part of the country can stay consistently "in the green," because there is nothing as satisfying for me as hearing all those little squeaks and shrieks and moans when I paddle a fleshy bottom!

But in the meantime... what are you doing to get your needs met? Finding play with an ethical, reputable dominant can be difficult, but don't fret. You have options for one-on-one attention with a seasoned Mistress:
  • Chat - $30 per 15 minutes of my full attention on OnlyFans* or Discord
  • Texting - $0.69 per volley on NiteFlirt*, or unlimited texting for $100/mo. Learn more here.
  • Phone - $1.99 per minute on NiteFlirt*
  • Video - $2.99 per minute on Discord or Zoom
*note that both OnlyFans & NiteFlirt have some stringent topic restrictions, prohibited content, & forbidden words that I'm unwilling to bypass, as I don't want to lose my access to the sites! If you have questions, ask.

The Rules:
  • My job isn't to get you off. It's not cybersex. There are lots of phone sex operators who will willingly perform this service for you.
  • I do not perform nude, topless, or bottomless work even in "virtual space." There are lots of content creators who do, and I encourage you to so give generously to them; or you can easily see lots of eye candy for free on FetLife.
  • Respect my "no" and the boundaries I set; I will respect yours.

Interested in an appointment? Please complete THIS INTAKE FORM
We should be able to take care of your questions and make suitable arrangements within a few emails on each side; in fact, before you ask a question, double check the different pages here on my website and see if your question (about rates, activities, etc.) are already addressed somewhere on the site. Indeed, that's why I've put the site together, so we won't need to do extensive back-and-forth.

(Why? Because some guys are so excited by the idea of the scene, and getting a me to talk about what types of things I would do, that once they have the mental imagery to masturbate to, they're out.)

To send email: If you have a FetLife profile, please be sure to include your profile name in your email. DO NOT SEND nude photos of any kind. A nice headshot is appreciated, however, so I can put a name with a face. Before contacting me, you will want to read here, first. Did you read it? Then you may email

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