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We all have fantasies; but even the most submissive of slaves has some boundaries. Dominants have boundaries, too - both personal and professional. Please be absolutely certain you understand the following:
  • I do not engage in sex with clients, including but not limited to genital-to-genital contact, oral-genital contact, handjobs, or pegging. Requests for sexual activity, "favors," or a "happy ending" will result in your immediate dismissal from my service.
  • I do not perform nude, topless, or bottomless work.
  • I do not work in breath play such as asphyxiation, airway restriction, or oxygen deprivation; nor with strangulation or choking--not even "light choking"--and I urge others to consider the very serious risks involved.

Tried & True - Traditional Domination:

  • Foot/shoe/boot worship. My feet need attention, and I deserve a devoted touch. My footwear needs care and maintenance, too.
  • Light to moderate bondage - ropes, cuffs, bondage tape, and the like. Yes, struggle. It pleases me.
  • Light to moderate corporal sensations, such as OTK, barehanded spanking, paddling, caning.
  • Collar/ leash training and position/posture training – Sit up straight!
  • Light to moderate verbal humiliation
  • Toy worship – Such a pretty pink cock you’ve brought your Mistress... now let me teach you how to suck it and sit on it. (For health/safety reasons, clients must provide their own toys.)

Fantasy & Roleplay:

  • Sissy play. Makeup and hair and frills, oh my! Maybe you are a willing and eager sissy who just loves getting all fancy. Or maybe you need to be put in girly clothes to teach you a lesson on how to behave. Do I need to take you out in public like this where everyone can see you?
  • Maid service. I love to supervise the domestic help, and I'm on the lookout for new maids. You may apply for the position but new maids must provide their own uniforms.
  • Roleplay. Are you a reluctant patient who needs firm handling by an experienced nurse? A student who really needs some extra credit to pass the class? Do you need a chance to prove your worth to your boss? DO YOU HAVE THE INFORMATION WE NEED? WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?
  • ABDL & age play. Does your "inner child" need a nanny? Let's play games, color, play with dolls and cars, and have snacks. I love to read stories and can even change diapers. Overnight supervision available. Imagine being read a night-night story and being tucked in for sleepy time.
  • Human doll play. Have you always wanted to be a little dolly--to have your hair brushed, have outfits put on, and to be absolutely passive while someone plays with you?
  • Puppy & kitty roleplay. Sit. Stay. Good puppy! Here's your treat. [scratch scratch]
  • Serving as Mistress's footstool. What dominatrix doesn't enjoy putting her feet up to relax and read? Shall I read to you? You’re not going anywhere anyway.
  • Serving as Mistress's food tray. I'm fond of good food, and you'd make a wonderful serving tray.
  • Personal shopping for you. Tell me what you're looking for, send the money with me, and I'll do the purchasing.
  • Personal shopping with you. Let's go swing our purses. Here, you can hold the bags. Oh, you'd like to try that on and see if it fits? Well, I'll just have a quick word with the shop clerk, one moment...
  • Dress up and go out en femme. I would be thrilled to help you with your clothes and makeup and then have you accompany me to lunch or dinner... maybe cocktails at the bar?

Sensations & Nurturing:

  • Sensory play - hot, cold, sharp, soft, rough, silky, spicy, and more
  • Blindfolding
  • Tickling - Oh, I’m sorry! Did I make you pee a little? Want to use your safeword? No? Okay!
  • Backscratching
  • Light touching - Ooh... Did that give you goose bumps?
  • Hair touching & caressing
  • Cuddling & holding
  • Knife play – Shhhh... don’t move.
  • Wax play - Be my canvas? Such pretty colors!

Available Products:

  • Lovingly worn clothing. Oops, I didn't wash it before I sent it to you. You don't mind, do you?
  • Coming soon... are you? Audio files available for purchase:
  • Sissy affirmations. – “You are sweet and darling. Every time you dress up, you are revealing a precious part of yourself...”
  • Submissive affirmations. – “You serve with grace and care. Every time you perform a task correctly, you honor your dominant.”
  • Fairy tales lovingly read. – “Once upon a time, there was a dear little child named...”
  • Bedtime talkdown – Drift off to sleep with Mistress's voice in your ear. “It's time to close your eyes and let your body sink deeper and your mind go quiet.”
Are you interested in something that's not on the list? Make a polite inquiry. You never know unless you ask.

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