Coffee date

Update: Due to recommendations for social distancing, coffee dates are online via Zoom or Discord for the time being, but I can't wait to get back to real-life, in-person coffee dates! Read on and see how coffee dates work online.

What's a coffee date... and why?
Meeting face-to-face for the first time can be nerve-wracking, especially for those who are new to the lifestyle or who have not yet worked with a ProDomme. So let's make this easy. Let's do coffee.

The coffee date is a one-time special "getting to know you" option that (1) gives us a chance to chat in a low-pressure setting, and (2) allows you to make an appointment and show that you can follow through. Think of it as a bridge to booking your first session.

Here's how it works--simply get in touch to ask if I'm available for a coffee date. We will pick a date and time for a Zoom or Discord video chat. Be ready with a non-refundable $20 booking fee payable at; alas, I have had too many people set up a coffee date and then cancel or no-show at the last minute. Remember one of the purposes of this type of arrangement is to demonstrate that you will follow through on a commitment to a dominant. 

At the time we agreed on, you should login as we discussed, and be ready to put through the remaining coffee money, $40 at You can literally bring your coffee, tea, or beverage just like an in-person coffee date ;-) Then, we will video chat and get to know each other better!

People meet for coffee all the time. You can do this. Take the first step and email me to schedule a coffee date ( or message me on Twitter or FetLife!

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