Common questions

Q: Why would I want to see a pro instead of focusing on finding a lifestyle partner?
A: The two are not mutually exclusive; in fact, if you are looking for a long-term relationship or a lifestyle partner, seeing a dominatrix may be a good way for you to figure out what kinds of things you enjoy in a safe and controlled environment, while you are looking for "the one." Other advantages of seeing a Pro Domme:
  • A dominatrix is non-judgmental about your kinks.
  • A dominatrix is knowledgeable and skilled.
  • A dominatrix can help you develop your poise, grace, and inner strength.
  • A dominatrix can help you make connections in the local real-life community, if that's something you'd welcome.
  • A dominatrix allows for fantasy and escape time for those who may not be partnered, or who may not have an understanding partner.
  • A dominatrix will not make you guess. She will tell you exactly what the terms are.

Q: Is this legal?
A: Yes. A professional dominatrix is not a "prostitute". (However, we believe that consensual sex work should be legalized and decriminalized. There should be no more shame in sex work than in chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, or spa services.) Although laws vary from state to state, I work hard to comply with Nebraska law, which is very specific about defining what sex acts are considered prostitution when done for compensation. Careful pre-negotiation and frank conversation about what to expect, as well as a thorough discussion on what constitutes active consent and how to withdraw consent, are essential to this type of pro & client relationship. And unlike a domestic violence or assault situation, a dominatrix does not inflict physical abuse on an unwilling person--we always discuss safewords before any play begins.

Q: If you enjoy what you do so much, why don't you just meet up with people for free?
A: Actually, I do spend time at some of the local events where sessions occur, and sometimes arrange for short turns on the equipment with willing persons. But mainly when I play at the dungeon, I'm busy working with my own personal partners and socializing with kinky friends. I simply can't take on all the requests I receive. Dominatrix work is a special niche where the demand far exceeds supply, and just like you, Pro Dommes have bills to pay, too--so why not put this talent to use? This is something I really enjoy doing that also provides a needed and desired service.

Q: Do you have your own dungeon/playspace?A: Well-vetted clients may receive an invitation to my play space but this is typically reserved for established clients. Also, see the next question.

Q: If you don't have a dungeon, where would we play?A: We have some options here. I can take appointments in a mid-range to nicer hotel in the area. We can also arrange for a turn at the well-equipped area dungeon events, providing that our scene and activities comply with the event's own rules. For more information, see Midwest Alternatives or Vortex Parties.

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