Helpful hints

Ten tips for getting off on the right foot with Ms. Sandalwood:
  1. I love a good student, so do your research. The answers to many of your questions are contained right here on the site and in my FetLife profile. It's poor form to ask a question when you can look up the answer yourself. 
  2. Be polite, but don't grovel or beg in your first contact. Use the same tone you would use in applying for a volunteer position that you really want.
  3. Correct spelling and grammar make a good first impression. Also, I'm not impressed by "cap and slash" pronouns that originated in the early days of online kink; e.g.  "W/we," "U/us," using lowercase "i" to refer to yourself, capitalizing all of my pronouns. It creates visual clutter.
  4. Don't sent dick pics or nude photos of any kind. A nice photo including your face & upper body (three-quarter body shot) is very much appreciated. You know what I look like; I'd like to know what you look like.
  5. Be concise. Keep it to the point, politely. To avoid a lot of back-and-forth messaging, make sure that you gather all your questions together and include them in the email. As I said earlier, we should be able to take care of your questions and make suitable arrangements within a couple of emails on each side.
  6. Having said that, I do enjoy it when a person's personality shines through.
  7. Be patient. My professional life and my personal life are both very busy. Allow up to three days for a response. I know it's hard to wait, but patience is a virtue and shows you have some self-discipline. Plus, I love creating that sense of antici....
  8. If you are granted a telephone conversation with me, we will keep it brief, polite, and professional. The truth is, I hate talking on the phone.
  9. Read this outstanding piece by Mistress Kalyss Mercury.
  10. ...pation.  

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