Inquiries & appointments

Initial meeting: Would you like to meet in person before booking an appointment? This can be arranged in one of two ways:
  • I regularly attend dungeon events in the Lincoln/Omaha area. If you'd like to meet, this is good way to go about it, and you will have the chance to meet other people in the lifestyle as well. You may politely inquire if I will be attending any of these events and if so, a brief one-on-one chat during the event's social time may be arranged. Paying my entry fee is not strictly necessary but it is a thoughtful gesture, so be sure to let me know if you would like to take care of this.
  • First-time meetup only - special rate:  30 minute coffee date + Mistress's food/drink order + $60 compensation for time spent. Meeting face-to-face for the first time can be nerve-wracking, especially for those who are new to the lifestyle or who have not yet worked with a ProDomme. This one-time special introductory option allows you to practice making an appointment and then showing that you can follow through, and it gives us a chance to chat in a low-pressure setting.

To inquire about appointments by email: A Mistress's time is precious, so don't expect extensive back-and-forth by email. We should be able to take care of your questions and make suitable arrangements within a few of emails on each side. Take time to put together a thorough email inquiry and be sure to answer the following questions:
  • What is your scene name, your email address, and your city/state of residence?
  • Do you have a FetLife profile, and if so, give the URL.
  • What is your age, height, and weight? Be completely honest.
  • How do you identify your gender and your kink role?
  • Why do you wish to see a professional dominatrix?
  • Have you ever served a dominant before, either professionally or "lifestyle"? For how long and to what extent?
  • What are three types of activities that you would most enjoy during our time together?
  • What are your soft and hard limits?
  • What are your medications, medical conditions (even if they're being managed), and prior injuries? Be thorough.
  • Do you have any STIs or transmittable diseases such as shingles or common warts? This will not necessarily bar you from being seen, but I need to ensure proper protocols.
  • Why would I enjoy spending time with you--in other words, what makes you interesting and worth my attention?
  • Do you understand that I expect you to be meticulously clean, free from the smell of tobacco and pronounced fragrances, and sober each time we meet?
To send email: DO NOT SEND nude photos of any kind. A nice headshot is appreciated, however, so your Mistress can put a name with a face. Before contacting Ms. Sandalwood, you will want to read here, first. Did you read it? Then you may email

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