A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required in order to book your session. It is often the case that a client gets excited, agrees on a date/time for a call or a video chat... and then backs out at the last minute. Deposits are non-refundable because if a client cancels or no-shows, I don't get that prep time back.

BDSM sessions (in person)

Greetings and aftercare are included in this total time. These rates do not cover hotel and travel, should it be necessary. Currently there are no open dungeon facilities in Nebraska, thus an additional hotel cost may be necessary.
  • 1/2 hour mini-session: $150 (mini-sessions involve minimal aftercare time)
  • 1 hour: $200
  • 1.5 hours: $275
  • 2 hours: $350
  • 2.5 hours: $425
  • 3 hours: $500
  • 3.5 hours: $575
  • 4 hours: $650

Nanny rates 

I am an playful and highly qualified "Nanny" and love to spend time with "littles" and ABs/DLs! $50 non-refundable booking fee + $60 per hour flat rate ($110 minimum). You provide your own diapers if needed.


$50 non-refundable booking fee + $60 per hour flat rate for makeup/hair only sessions + any tipping you might be inspired to do. From past experiences with clients, I strongly recommend at least TWO hours ($170) to go from "clean face" to "finished look" plus brushing out your hair and getting a few posed photos. If you want to change into several different outfits you may need to include more time.

Long-distance options

  • Keyholding: $200/month
  • Chat: $30 per 15 minutes of my full attention on OnlyFans or Discord or Hangouts
  • Texting: $0.99 per volley (you text, I text back) on NiteFlirt, or unlimited texting for $200/month
  • Phone: $1.99 per minute on NiteFlirt, by appointment only
  • Video: $45 per 15 minutes on Discord/Zoom, by appointment only

Payment methods

  • Buy me the equivalent amount of coffees at Ko-Fi.com/sandalwood
  • Cash App: $SoftSandalwood
  • NiteFlirt: The site takes 30% off the top; if you wish to process this way you must add 30% to your tribute at NiteFlirt.com/softsandalwood
  • PayPal: Well-vetted subs may be given permission to pay via PayPal. Message me for details.
  • Cash: I do not recommend sending cash through the US Mail, but I do have a Post Office Box if there is simply no other way for you. Message me for details.