Cash tributes are accepted for appointments. Gifts are also classy, welcome, and appreciated. New clients may need to arrange a non-refundable deposit, usually by gift card* (see note below).

When you are seeing a dominatrix, you are seeing someone who has invested time and effort in acquiring specialized knowledge and skills -- someone who takes care of herself and has gone the extra mile to prepare for your session. Your tributes are just that -- a tribute or acknowledgment of all of this effort. 
  • Coffee date - $60 + food/drink
  • 1/2 hour mini-session - $140
  • 1 hour - $200
  • 1 1/2 hours (RECOMMENDED) - $250. A 90-minute session is the perfect amount of time to get comfortable and go over some courtesies, spend time in session, and allow time for aftercare.
  • 2 hours - $350
  • 3 hours - $525
  • 4 hours - $700
Extended sessions include time for activity as well as resting, refreshments, and the like. This is a great way to get the full experience of being cared for by your own nanny, or being held in consensual "captivity" (with a safe word) for example.
  • 6 hours - $1000
  • 8 hours - $1350

*Question: Why do you require a non-refundable gift card deposit? Answer: Unfortunately, it is often the case that a client gets excited, books a session, and then backs out at the last minute. A non-refundable deposit, made by gift card, is a type of "earnest money." By the time a client has booked a session, I have usually spent a bit of time in communication with the person, and I begin to make preparations and plans. A deposit is non-refundable because if the client cancels, I don't get that prep time back.

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