In-person sessions are currently suspended, but my rate information is posted below for reference, so you can pre-plan for the delicious future when sessions do resume and you can be under my hand and under my command. In the meantime, I'm available by chat, text, phone, or video sessions and you can learn more about that here


Cash tributes are accepted for appointments. Gifts are also classy, welcome, and appreciated. 

New clients are required to pay a non-refundable deposit early in our discussions. It is often the case that a client gets excited, books a session, and then backs out at the last minute. A non-refundable deposit is a type of "earnest money." By the time a client books a time/date for the session, I have usually spent a fair amount of time in communication with that person, answering questions and looking at possible dates, and I begin to make preparations and plans. The deposit is non-refundable because if you cancel, I don't get that prep time back.

When you are seeing a dominatrix, you are seeing someone who has invested time and effort in acquiring specialized knowledge and skills and has gone the extra mile to prepare for your session. Your tributes are just that -- a tribute or acknowledgment of all of this effort. 
  • Coffee date - $60 + food/drink
  • 1/2 hour mini-session - $140
  • 1 hour - $200
  • 1 1/2 hours (RECOMMENDED) - $250. A 90-minute session is the perfect amount of time to get comfortable and go over some courtesies, spend time in session, and allow time for aftercare.
  • 2 hours - $350
  • 3 hours - $525
  • 4 hours - $700
Nanny rates for ABDL & Littles playtime! $50 non-refundable booking fee + $60 per hour flat rate ($110 minimum). I am an playful and highly qualified "Nanny" and you can book me for a playdate all the way up to overnight care at this rate.

Sissy/CD transformation rates: $50 non-refundable booking fee + $60 per hour flat rate for makeup/hair only sessions + any tipping you might be inspired to do. From past experiences with clients, I strongly recommend at least TWO hours ($170) to go from "clean face" to "finished look" plus brushing out your hair or wig, and getting a few posed photos.

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