Sometimes it's just difficult to find a mistress in your local area (and this can be especially true for crossdressers, sissies, and girly-boys). Wish you could have access to chat with, and serve, a real-life mistress? Well... you can! I am a lifestyle dominant who is active in my local community and can provide you with references. Stalk my FetLife profile and groups I lead, and check my Twitter, too.

WHAT IT IS: Access (permission) to PM me by text, with occasional photos from my real life (not nudes) at my discretion. Think of this as a long-distance service arrangement. Sometimes we'll just chat and it will be casual. Sometimes I'll have an assignment for you. Your real-life limits will be respected; for example, I won't ask you to do anything that will "out" you... unless you want that ;)

  • My job isn't to get you off. It's not cybersex.
  • This is not an insta-Dominatrix service. There may be times when I'm involved with real life and may not respond to you for awhile. Trust that I WILL reply to your messages, pleas, and begging... but at my convenience. On the other hand, do consider that I want you to be happy with the arrangement so I will do my best to create a balance!
  • Do not send me photos unless I request them (...and I will!)
  • Do not ask/beg me for photos
  • Respect my "no" and the boundaries I set; I will respect yours.
  • $0.69 per volley (you text, I reply) on NiteFlirt: https://www.niteflirt.com/softsandalwood
  • OR - unlimited texting for $100/month, payable at ko-fi.com/sandalwood. If paying this way, be sure to let me know that this "coffee money" is specifically for texting otherwise I'll think it's merely a tip!
Questions? Email me: SoftSandalwood@gmail.com

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