You know the feeling: you've shyly bought beauty products and cosmetics from a store, telling the woman helping you that it's for your girlfriend who has the same skin tone as you. You try not to squirm when she looks at you, knowing she's heard the same thing from other men. You clutch the bag to yourself, trying to hide the store logo as you hurry to your car to head home to play with your new purchase. Somehow, though, it ends in frustration. The products look slapped on, the colors aren't what you'd hoped they'd be. You feel like a five-year-old, playing with her mommy's makeup for the first time. The disappointment in your efforts flush your face as you take it all off, until next time.

makeup & brushes
Have you ever dreamed someone could take you by the hand and bring out the girl in you? I can help you learn which products you need, why we use them, what colors will work for you, and how to apply them. You'll feel the silky brushes on your face, the satisfying dabbing and swiping and swish and learn during the talk-and-teach style as I help bring the girl in you to the surface. We can work with my studio makeup, a combination of my studio makeup + your existing makeup, or I can send you home with new products and everything you'll need to recreate your look at home and experiment with new looks.

Bring along your clothes and best hair and accessories, and let's take some photos of you when you're all done! Let me help you turn your fantasy into a reality. Book a private transformative session! Contact me at

RATES: My goal is to be absolutely transparent with you through this process;  I will provide a more detailed breakdown after you inquire and I learn what kinds of products & cosmetics you have, and what we'll need to purchase or use for you.

Deposit: $50 - nonrefundable but applies toward session
Session fee: $100 for the first hour + $40 per additional 30-minute increment
Supplies fee: $50 to $180 depending on supplies - I will break this down in an email to you!
Minus deposit: -$50
Plus any tipping you might feel inspired to do: ___
TOTAL: $150 to $360 depending on time booked & supply options

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